CS#3 Cacto + Quintet

Two concerts at Atelier Concorde on June 8. Part of the cycle of concerts programmed by Creative Sources label. More info: creativesourcesrec.wordpress.com

Nuno Torres – sax alto
Ricardo Jacinto – cello

CACTO is a free improvisation project between the long time musical partners Nuno Torres and Ricardo Jacinto. From an electro-acoustic context they have developed a particular intrumental noisy dialogue. Strongly influenced by concrete and spectral musical aspects they have been working on a free improvisational context. Their first album, in a duet configuration, was recorded in an anechoic chamber, a place where the musical/sound aesthetic of the project found its perfect first site-specific recording context.

Ernesto Rodrigues – viola
Guilherme Rodrigues – cello
Louis Laurain – trompet
Ricardo Guerreiro – computer
José Oliveira – percussion

The edition of Multiples (Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues and José Oliveira), in 2001, opens the catalog of Creative Sources. Oliveira, who has been collaborating with Ernesto Rodrigues long before the existence of the label, would accompany him repeatedly throughout his following titles (2, 3, 5, 7 and 11), and his representation in CS did not end there. Ricardo Guerrero (cs191 and cs220), composer that reveals an increasing complicity with the sound universe of E. Rodrigues, and the young trumpet player Louis Laurain (Au dehors, cs217), who is in Portugal for a series of concerts, take part in a novel quintet at Atelier Concorde.