Yota Ayaan ‘Postscript’

“data” “as” “sound”
“binary” “code” “as” “sheet” “music”
“the” “cloud” “is” ”an” ”apparition”

There is no such thing as the cloud, it is just someone else’s server cluster. Postscript is a series of audio-visual hybrid works on sound as data and the apparition of the cloud. Binary code has been reclaimed by the artist, composed as hypertext sheet music and redistributed through a network of computers.

Exhibition by Yota Ayaan from 16th to 19th November 2022. Multi-channel sound and video in 9 min loop, office furniture, computers, servers, monitors, speakers, cables, wifi routers and wall paper.

Yota Ayaan is a visual artist and composer working across sound, video, installation, hacking and data research with diverse artistic enquiry spanning art, philosophy and science. Ayaan’s projects question protocols and reimagine prototypes for conceptual application into the everyday. With focus on data science and natural intelligence beyond the scope of binary code and AI, Ayaan completed in 2021 a 12 month residency on plant intelligence at the Faculty of Science of Porto University which led to the exhibition Plant Data at the Museum of Natural History in Porto.

Supported by Grundig Classics, Gizmedia and Emaús