Supersonic project

As a reaction to the pandemic and the temporary closure of our exhibition space Atelier Concorde promoted during 2020/21 the project Supersonic, a platform offering cultural activities through a dedicated site, facebook and instagram. The programme aimed at reinforcing the local artistic community and create an international network through open calls for residencies, exhibitions and workshops. At a time when physical distance seemed to define our relationship with the world, Supersonic embraced the ideas of velocity and instant presence, beyond material separation.

The project was funded by Lisbon City Council and offered four webinars, six workshops, two interviews, two residencies and one exhibition online. More information at facebook / instagram

Webinars (pdf)
2020.10 Public Art: practices of participation and presence Francisco Pinheiro
2020.11 Curating in the time of Covid-19 Sophie Kelly
2021.03 Anthotypes (plant prints) overview Tim Boddy
2021.04 The art residency experience Jorge Leal

Workshops (pdf)
2020.11 On Care: working with autobiography and trauma safely as an artist Louise Orwin
2020.12 Supermarket Sweep x Art Attack Nessa Finnegan
2021.01 Online portfolio for creatives Raquel Chaves
2021.02 Body drawings back in touch Andrea Garcia Vasquez
2021.03 Alternative career’s day Jack Lewdjaw
2021.04 Double distraction Emily Warner e Emily Roderick

Interviews (pdf)
2020.10 Ci.clo Virgílio Ferreira
2021.02 Arco Madrid Javier Diaz-Guardiola

Residencies (pdf)
2020.12 Super AmaZonic Andrés Jurado
2021.02 Failing artist Susana Rocha

Exhibition (pdf)
2021/22 World of estrangement