Juliana Matsumura ‘Diáfano’

Exhibition by Juliana Matsumura between 9 and 30 March 2023, curated by Andreia César. On 24 March took place a sound intervention by Guache collective with Ricardo Dias Gomes in connection with the exhibition. Text by Andreia César and more info in the exhibition map (pt).

In this exhibition Juliana presented a series of works where drawing, the protagonist of her work, conjures up colour and light. Through this evocation of the cause of the visible, the works propose the awakening of a sensitive echo in our body, warmer and more alive, approaching an indirect allusion to the tradition of painting. Through repeated gestures Juliana uses the coloured pencil to weave layers that gradually reveal themselves and illuminate the sheet; expanding and moving forms float in a vibrant atmosphere.

Juliana Matsumura (São Paulo, 1993) lives and works in Lisbon. She graduated in Drawing from Ar.Co School and attended the Graduation in Textiles and Fashion at the University of São Paulo and the Degree in Arts and Humanities at the University of Lisbon. Juliana participated in the artist laboratory at Nowhere Lisboa between 2019 and 2020 and completed the Visual Arts Course at FLAD (Luso-American Foundation for Development) in 2022. Selected exhibitions: “Kawa-Kami” (2022) at Casarão do Chá, São Paulo; “The Crypt” (2022) curated by Isabel Cassey at DUPLEX AIR, Lisbon; “Corpo-Fumo” (2021) curated by the Tarimba collective at Espaço Cultural das Mercês, Lisbon; “Memories of Water” (2020) on space A4 curated by the collective Tarimba, Barreiro and “Evocatório” (2018) with artist Maria Albergaria at MUTE Gallery, Lisbon.

Photographs by Maria Leonardo Cabrita