CS#6 Congruidade, parte infinita

Concert on 1st March. Part of the cycle of concerts programmed by Creative Sources label. More info: creativesourcesrec.wordpress.com

Gil Dionísio violin
Bernardo Alvares contrabass
Monsieur Trinité diverse objects

Gil Dionísio is a self-taught violinist and, although fascinated by Jazz, is in the relationship with the gipsy community of Romania that developed his fascination for the violin. Member of the PÁS de PROBLEMES, also integrates several projects of improvised music: from free-jazz to electronica, going through something like a rock landscape. In Lisbon, has been on several stages and also made musical composition for theater, as composer and performer.
Bernardo Alvares began his bass studies with Professor Miguel Leiria Pereira. In recent years belonged to POETRY S.V.X. with Tiago Gomes. Since then has been treading a path in improvisation and musical exploration in projects such as S for Seward, Tapete, Blowgun, f “Kir, or quartet with Yaw Tembe, Andre Pinto and Monsieur Trinite.
Monsieur Trinité, self-taught, has made percussion workshops with Roger Hazoume (Sun Ra Arkestra) in Paris. He was a member of the “PLEXUS”, co-founder of Colectivo Orgastico, Potlatch and Agharta. Part of VGO and IKB, wanders around “ad-hoc” projects and played with Carlos “Zingaro”, Daunik Lazro, Ernesto Rodrigues, José Oliveira, Guilherme Rodrigues, Sei Miguel.