the less,
the lens,
the lenses,
never let the lenses, never let the lens ever let the less.

Exhibition curated by Andrés Jurado with works by Irene de Andrés, Yuri Firmeza, Maria Rojas, Juan Pablo Ordoñez, Margarida Alves, Nina Fraser, Irit Batsry, João Bento, Paulo Lopes, Natalie Woolf, Eunice Gonçalves, Nuno Godinho and Anne Öhrling Dersèn, from 11th to 22nd May 2019. Part of FEA, Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas de Lisboa.

Text by Andrés Jurado For me, curating is a film, or a piece of theater. A found footage film or a theater of objects, to be more fair. This exhibition is based upon both possibilities. Nevertheless, it is more or less a strategy meant to dialogue within the plot enacted by the market. Easily, we can say that between the product placement in film and the prop made for the stage there is no way out of the marketization.

However, inside each work, each gesture of those who identify themselves as artists and play with lenses there is a refraction, a glow. Above and below those who play with objects, epitomizing them or incarnating them, there is — nevertheless — an alternative. This project proposed to the artists to engage in the creation and production of objects imagining either its cinematic or theatrical performativeness. This can be interpreted as “too general”, nevertheless, after assuming all the alterations advised in the contemporary arts by The Performative Turn, the less is to consider this performativeness of the art object in two circumstances: the cinematic and the theatrical.

The proposed scenario for this endeavour is the market. How does the artist’s lens sees an object in the film market? How does an artist without lenses sees an object meant to act in the theatre of market? This can be hypothetically resolved if we imagine our object of art as part of a theater play or part of a screenplay. So the question is: how do you imagine your piece of art performing in that market plot? Their answers are going to be mounted and played days before and during the time of the exhibition.