Premiere of ‘Holding It Together’

Premiere of performance-installation ‘Holding It Together’ by Daria Kaufman, Francisco Pinheiro and Sezen Tonguz on the 25th June, following their residency and preview in January.

‘Holding It Together’ is a performance installation that investigates the way bodies interact with objects, how they deconstruct and re-contextualize each other. Primarily bound to the constraint of holding an object together, Kaufman and Tonguz navigate through intimacy, risk, and fragility while the audience, installed inside the performance space, is compelled to move, map, and negotiate its own relationship to physical boundaries. Co-created by Daria Kaufman (dancer / choreographer), Francisco Pinheiro (visual artist) and Sezen Tonguz (performer / choreographer).

Concept: Daria Kaufman, Francisco Pinheiro, Sezen Tonguz / Choreography, interpretation: Daria Kaufman, Sezen Tonguz / Installation, scenography: Francisco Pinheiro / Dramatugical support: Ana Trincão / Residencies: DEVIR/CaPa, Atelier Concorde, Polo Cultural Gaivotas, ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association / Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and European Cultural Foundation

Photographs by Sofia Marques Ferreira