André Tasso ‘Colhendo flores sobre os telhados do inferno’

Concert by André Tasso on the 5th February.

“What is happening – happens – it is a fact, because it is stopping happening. Nothing is repeated, nothing remains identical to itself, the Things – all of them – are ceaselessly another Thing, that is, life is the death of that which happens.”
Manuel Zimbro, ‘Secret History of Aviation, Notes with gravity to put a common aspiration into orbit’

André Tasso studied Visual Art at Évora University and Maumaus. Joined the Real Time Composition course at Atelier Real and later studied electric guitar with Luís Lopes. Since then has been collaborating in music projects, performances, films and theatre. Has also organized the Improvised Music Cycle ‘MUZZ’.

Support: Direcção Geral das Artes Ministério da Cultura and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation