Ricardo Guerreiro

Born in Lisbon in 1975. He works in the development of interactive computer processes for music composition. He regularly collaborates with Abdul Moimême, Carlos Santos, Emídio Buchinho, Miguel Cardoso, Pedro Carneiro and Ulrich Mitzlaff. As a Ph.D. student at the School of the Arts of UCP he is a researcher in Music Informatics at the CITAR. He obtained his Diploma in Music Composition at the Conservatory of Lisbon (2000) and, in 2004, the Diploma in Electronic Music at the Music Conservatory of Venice, Italy. He has participated in several courses and seminars of music composition in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro, Paris (IRCAM – ’99), Darmstadt (Summer Courses – ’98 and 2000) and Venice. He participated in the semester seminars of Aesthetics and Iconology with Giorgio Agamben at the Universities of Verona and Venice, respectively.