Francisco Pinheiro

Francisco’s installations trigger a dialogue between a given space and the audience by creating a visual echo through the architecture and its metanarratives. Influenced by authors such as Francesco Careri, Francisco is interested in the intermixing of landscape, leisure and the politics of territory.

He has been exhibiting in various galleries and art spaces, namely in Módulo (Lisbon), Kollaborative (Berlin) and more recently at 1038 Space in San Francisco, his first solo show in the States. In 2013, three installations of his were part of the exhibition “Traces, points and lines” at the Contemporary Art Centre of Elvas. Yet one of his most unique venues was a one-night show that Francisco held at his home in Rua Dom Carlos Mascarenhas 93, Lisbon.

Francisco holds a BA in Painting from the University of Lisbon (2005) and in May he completed his MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute, as a Fulbright scholar. He currently lives and works in Lisbon.