Rui Xavier

Superfície / Surface, 2007, 13'30'' 'Homenagem a uma homenagem', instalação vídeo / video installation, 2011

Born in Porto in 1974. Lives and works in Lisbon. In 1995 he completed the bachelors degree in Audiovisual Communication Technologies at the Instituto Politécnico, Porto, where he grew an interest in Photography and Film. He continued his studies and, in 1997, he concluded a Post-Graduation in Photojournalism at University of Wales, Cardiff. He went on to work as a photographer for the London based British newspaper “The Independent”. In 1998 he returned to Portugal to work as a freelancer, helping to set up a photographers collective: Kameraphoto. By this time he started to experiment with video making small documentaries, and started Ricochete Filmes with Bruno Gonçalves. Since 2006 he has worked on cinema as director of photography and film director and developed some works as visual artist.

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