Andrés Jurado ‘The Mosquito Crusades’

Projecção-performance de Andrés Jurado no dia 17 de Junho 2018.

(ing) ‘The Mosquito Crusades’ are a compendium of actions and expanded cinema performances presenting a delirious lecture of the documentary propaganda film ‘Colombia’s Silent War Against Yellow Fever’ (1942) in which the United States Information Service presents the mosquito as a dangerous and ferocious threat to Colombia’s inhabitants. The film has a potential fiction that inhabits it, imagining a world dominated by the power of the United States military forces. It identifies the genealogies of falsos positivos, a concept connected to the necropolitics promoted in Colombia´s territories. This performance presented images, notations and connections between the universe of fear and horror where the insects were involved, questioning their role in the imaginarium that keeps the war theatre and machinery of death going. The copy of the film was projected in 16mm.

Andrés Jurado is a filmmaker, artist and curator. His practice and research areas study the incidence the space race has had on global politics specially in Latin America since the Cold War. Through different media & performance actions he looks into archives and confronts the collective imagination of the colonization of space delving, and explores how the figure of the astronaut has transformed that of the indigenous man.