Ben Gavin

Residência de Ben Gavin em Outubro e Novembro de 2017.

(Ing) Building on the Duchampian strategy of the ready-made, Ben Gavin revitalises found objects, used canvas, the scraps, shards and general detritus of society, repurposing and restructuring forms based around issues concerning subjectivity, agency and the art market. For Atelier Concorde, the Sydney based artist combines text, video and installation to create a dialogue for further discourse with issues concerning subjectivity and gentrification, tourism and the current challenges of foreign investment.

Graduating with Honours at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney in 2010, the same year, the artist received the Zelda Stedman Scholarship and was a guest curator at RMIT Galleries in Melbourne. In 2014 the artist was shortlisted for the prestigious International Franc Vila Emerging Art Prize. Ben Gavin is an artist, curator and art consultant for General Store. His artistic practice and concepts have been reviewed in Artforum, Frieze, The Observer, RealTime, Trouble and Umelec Contemporary Art magazines.